We accompany young people in their artistic growth, in the development of their technical and creative skills. Providing the necessary learning tools to build a customized professional training itinerary.

And we create a space for young dance professionals, a meeting point for professional dance, for constant learning and artistic creation.


Youth Dance | Obrador de Moviments Barcelona

A new “language” that will help them feel free to explore and improvise.  Experimentation, growth and socialization through body movement.


Classical dance for young people | Obrador de Moviments Barcelona

Basic principles to access the technical essence of ballet dancing. An ideal course for beginners and for all those who feel the need to enhance their skills.


Acrobatic dance | Obrador de Moviments Barcelona

Movements that defy gravity. Not only an amazing and fun course but also an invaluable asset for children interested in contemporary dance.


Urban dance | Obrador de Moviments Barcelona

Directly from the streets to Obrador: the latest trends in street dance movements where elements of hip-hop & breakdance are closely related to contemporary dance.


Rhythm and percussion | Obrador de Moviments Barcelona

A playful initiation to rhythm and music. When the body becomes a musical instrument and each movement is a sound, music is within you and dance becomes a primal form of intimacy.