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Feldenkrais Method For Visual Artists

On a day to day basis we perform activities in habitual ways without paying attention to how we are going about them. We brush our teeth, sweep the floor, stand in front of an easel… in our habitual alignment and way of moving. If we are slouching and we put our mind to it we have the power to make our body stand straight, but when our attention goes elsewhere we will unconsciously slip back to our slouch. At times we all feel frustrated by blocks, the experience of reaching a plateau and not being able to progress to a new level of ease in a desired activity, but unless we have pain or develop an injury we rarely think about how our unconscious habits may be impacting our ability to progress.

The Feldenkrais Method uses movement, sensation, imagination and attention, to support the ability to learn to use ourselves efficiently and in ways that help us move beyond blocks. By exploring our self-awareness and capacity to learn we discover a new sense of well being and joy.

The Feldenkrais Method is taught in group lessons called Awareness Through Movement (ATM) or in individual sessions called Functional Integration (FI).

In ATM classes for visual artists you will be guided through a series of slow movements that will focus on activities that are recurrent for artists: standing, using our eyes, our dominant hand and arm, and the effects of the painting or drawing for hours in our spine.

schedule to be agreed upon / Online classes available

Marta Jiménez Cerdanya is an Eurotab Board certified Feldenkrais Practitioner since 2015 and belongs to the Asociación Feldenkrais Española.

She completed a biology degree at the Universitat de Barcelona, and a piano degree at the Conservatori del Liceu in Barcelona, after which she pursued advanced musical training in France and Hungary.

She has a private practice as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and uses the Feldenkrais method to support music pedagogy at the Escola Municipal de Música Victòria dels Àngels, in Sant Cugat, and at Obrador de Moviments (dance and somatics center) in Barcelona, where she also leads a Feldenkrais group for people with disabilities and health challenges.  Since covid-19 lockdown she also offers online teaching.