Dance and performing arts teachers: Sara Sanguino | Obrador de Moviments

Sara Sanguino, Managing Director at Obrador

After graduating from the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, I started dancing professionally with the Zaragoza Ballet. My constant search for artistic movement in all its forms led me to travel and work abroad, especially in Belgium, Italy, and Austria. When I returned to Barcelona, I knew it was the right time to start my own dance company, Les 4 Souffles, with Hervé Costa. For the past few years I have also been a Feldenkrais practitioner and I am passionate about teaching this powerful method to achieve well-being. I’m an open and outgoing person. If you come to Obrador I will always be available to talk to you about your needs and your dreams.


Dance and performing arts teachers: Hervé Costa | Obrador de Moviments

Hervé Costa, Managing Director at Obrador

I come from Marseille, France, where I started dancing professionally. Very soon I realised that I needed to look for the sort of professional and personal environment where feelings, words and actions were one and the same thing: I needed coherence and commitment. For years, I travelled across Europe with various dance companies. I finally landed in Barcelona where I founded Les 4 Souffles dance company with Sara Sanguino and then taught at the Institut del Teatre. My latest and unique project is Obrador, a center devoted to training and creation through body movement, a project that once again I share with Sara. I love cooking, having a good time and sharing special moments with friends and family.



Guadalupe Cano, Dance teacher for Children | Obrador de Moviments

Guadalupe Cano. Teacher of Initiation to the dance for children. And teacher of the Feldenkrais Method

I’m an actress, a Feldenkrais practitioner and I have a degree in dance and movement therapy. For the past years I have focused on very young children (from 7 months to 4 years of age). I have extensive experience in drama, music and traditional dances. I’ve been told that I work well with children because I share their natural spontaneity, candor and cheerfulness.


Dance and performing arts teachers Marta Giménez. Feldenkrais Teacher | Obrador de Moviments

Marta Giménez, Feldenkrais Method teacher 

Her curiosity about music and its learning process led her to look into its relationship with movement, hearing, emotions and improvisation. She has a degree in piano, the Dalcroze Certificate and an advanced diploma in the Kodály Method. She has worked with Klara Kokas and Emilio Molina. Since 2015, she has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method. As you will see for yourselves when you meet her, she has great organisational skills and a talent for creating links between people.


Vanesa Porret, ‘Body Movement’ | Obrador de MovimentsVanesa Porret, ‘Body Movement’ for the Family teacher

I was born in Buenos Aires, but I have been living in Barcelona for a very long time. I have always been interested in teaching very young children, so my training has focused on special education, swimming techniques and the Feldenkrais method for infants and toddlers. Thanks to my open, candid and enthusiastic nature, I feel I can encourage children to grow at their own rhythm in a joyful learning atmosphere.