The Feldenkrais Method invites us to become aware of our movement habits in order to find more organic and healthy ones. It is based on training and includes the person to participate in the process. Through the reduction of effort, slowness and comfort, we improve the perception of sensations to incorporate new ways of moving. The Method is addressed to all people who want to improve and recover skills, bringing more awareness in all aspects of their lives. It is also for people involved in movement and education, such as artists, dancers, actors, musicians, and athletes.

Feldenkrais Method
Group class

In this modality, the teacher guides the students verbally through movement sequences designed by Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais. These sequences combine movement and consciousness in an original way. Students learn to feel what is most convenient and healthy for them. Many times, this takes them far beyond what they thought possible. The Feldenkrais Method offers you a creative path of organic learning and helps you improve your ability to adapt and evolve using intelligence and experience rather than strength or will.


  • Monday at 20:00h.
  • Tuesday at 10:00h.
  • Wednesday at 16:45h.

Functional Integration
Individual class

This modality is what we could call the most artisanal part of the method. Instead of words, the teacher uses his or her hands through a generally gentle, non-invasive touch. It is a very respectful technique that adapts to the student’s needs and aims to ease, feel and learn new ways of moving, allowing to improve the coordination and organization of their actions.

It allows to improve:

  • Body awareness and self-image.
  • Flexibility and fluidity.
  • Coordination and efficiency of movement.
  • Breathing and posture.
  • Regulation of pain and tension.
  • Dynamics in the use of forces.
  • Prevention and recovery.

This modality is worked on a stretcher and comfortable clothing is required.