LAB_OBRADOR comes from the need to build a space dedicated to open research on creative tools around dance and movement. A place where to create synergies and dialogues of horizontal collaboration and accompaniment in creative processes.

This laboratory is addressed to professionals in the movement arts and to all those interested in expressing their creativity. We will provide some basic elements that will serve as a starting point to initiate a process of dialogue, provoking a context where the quality of the gesture can suggest, evoke and stimulate the creative universe of each participant.

Each quarter, we will start a new LAB_OBRADOR investigating movement in all its forms: the corporal but also the social, the philosophical and the artistic, in order to approach creation in a transversal way. We will develop dance fragments and explore different stage settings, which will culminate in the composition of one or several individual and/or collective creations. The possibility of a performance at the centre at the end of each edition remains open.

  • Dates: from October 4th to January 31st.
  • Schedule: Tuesday from 11:00h to 13:00h.
  • Price for the four-month period: 140€ (possibility of payment in instalments).

For more information and to register, write to us at

*It is necessary a quarterly commitment from the participants in order to carry out this laboratory, and to give continuity to the group process and the artistic creations.