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Pre-Training Workshop of the Feldenkrais Method with Phil Unseld

Obrador de Moviments | Encuentro Pre Formación Método Feldenkrais Phil UnseldFebruary 18th, 2023
Free Pre-Training Workshop

During the period prior to the beginning of the training, we organize in Obrador some encounters addressed to all the people interested in the new Feldenkrais Barcelona Training and also to those who want to discover and introduce themselves in the Feldenkrais Method®.

In this first meeting, Phil Unseld will introduce us to the basic principles of the two modalities of the method, Self-awareness through movement® and Functional Integration®, opening a space to explore them in an experiential way.

In these encounters organized as workshops, we will explore the method through practice, and we will explain in detail the individual and group process that the student will carry out during the training.

A highly recommended first contact to solve doubts and to get to know our team, the training program and the space where it takes place.

Phil Unseld

Phil Unseld is a musician and met the Feldenkrais Method in this context in 1988. He graduated as a Feldenkrais practitioner in 1998. Between 2006 and 2017 he was program director of the first Feldenkrais Trainings in Barcelona. Member of the pedagogical team of different formations he has a lot of international experience (Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland and Canada). Besides music and Feldenkrais, she is passionate about creative and developmental processes, especially in children. He published a book on children’s movement development (‘The Microcosm of Movement’ 2018, Ed. Herder). Apart from that he is trained and certified in Somatic Experiencing, a somatic methodology for working on resilience and dealing with traumatic experiences. Together with Sabine Graf-Pointner, he is pedagogical director of the new Feldenkrais Method Professional Training Program in Barcelona (2023-2027).



  • Saturday February 18th, 2023
  • From 10h to 15h
  • Free entry


You can reserve your place by sending an email to info@obradordemoviments.com.
Limited places.