At Obrador we believe in learning and creating through dance and body movement.

We focus on personal development through art and body movement.
We cater to young people, dance professionals and to ‘body movement’ lovers of all ages.
We will help you develop your movement skills and achieve a greater awareness of your own body and its potential.
We will encourage you to connect, discover, understand, learn, experience and create with and through your body.
We have three main guiding principles:

Learning and self-development through body movement

Through dance and other body movement activities, we will provide you with key elements to help you better understand and operate as a whole being.
We will assist you in your personal development and encourage self-integration through artistic activities.
We emphasize on the benefits of the art of moving on an individual, collective and social level. We offer ‘art of moving’ classes as an extra-curriculum education tool.

Creativity and personal development

At Obrador, we offer an environment where you can fully and freely develop as a creative person.
We encourage creativity by providing you with the necessary tools to explore and experiment more freely.

Creation and promotion of performing arts

We promote contemporary choreography through outreach programs for the general public.
We support creativity in its broadest sense, giving space to new artistic tendencies.


All of this is thanks to the school’s team of teachers, dance and performing arts teachers who provide quality training at a high level.