We have designed special initiation classes for children that focus on body movement and how it relates to space and rhythm.

By stimulating their natural curiosity, we guide children through the discovery of a variety of dance and body movement activities; we help them understand their own value in a personal and social context. Our initiation to body movement classes promote joy, self-affirmation and healthy interpersonal relationships. Classes for young children are scheduled in the early afternoon.


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Children from 5 to 7
Children from 8 to 11 

A new “language” that will help them feel free to explore and improvise.  Experimentation, growth and socialization through body movement.

FIRST STEPS In Classical Ballet

Children from 10

Introduction to the “language” of classical ballet where basic techniques are a tool for self-expression. A fantastic starting point that will allow children to explore and enjoy their artistic potential.


Children from 8 to 12 

Movements that defy gravity. Not only an amazing and fun course but also an invaluable asset for children interested in contemporary dance.


Children from 3 to 4

A joyful approach to the development of motor and artistic skills. Through dynamic games, children will discover their body by moving and feeling while interacting with their peers and their environment.


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Very young children from 0 t0 3

Babies and adults interact, explore and learn how to relate through natural, spontaneous movements.