We are pleased to announce that we will soon start a new Feldenkrais Method Professional Training Program.

This hiatus has been necessary to create and develop the new program in coherence with an organic vision of learning, improving some aspects that adapt to the needs and changes we are living. You will soon be able to find out all the details. 

If you would like to receive information about the program of pre-training seminars and free meetings that will be held during the 2022-2023 academic year, please write to us at info@obradordemoviments.com. 


Feldenkrais Profesional Training Program | Obrador de Moviments

From the moment it was created, the Obrador de Moviments (Movement Workshop) has embraced personal development through somatic techniques and the art of movement. Sara Sanguino and Hervé Costa, the directors of Obrador, apply the benefits of somatics to the field of dance on a daily basis. Since 2016, their school has been offering the Barcelona Accredited Feldenkrais Professional Training programme, a EuroTAB* certified course.

Made up of internationally recognized coaches and assistants, this programme provides a high level of skills and allows students to understand and apply the different approaches used in the method: Self-Awareness through Movement (group classes) and Functional Integration (individual classes).

In this way, the school is able to pursue its goals while still keeping in touch with a source of rich and useful resources that enrich the learning and development processes of each professional or student. In response to the demands of the awareness through movement process, our team at Obrador de Moviments coupled with our international partners have extended our offer: we have launched a series of seminars and intensive courses during the year.

Our training cycles are organised into three phases:

Public and pre-training seminars

Aimed at those who wish to become familiar with the method, recognise the benefits of intensive practice and learn how to apply this method to other professional areas.


A learning process focused on personal development in terms of self-awareness. This enables students to work with other people using the two approaches of the Feldenkrais Method: Self-Awareness through Movement (group classes) and Functional Integration (individual classes).

Post-training seminars

Aimed at Feldenkrais-qualified teachers or students who completed last year’s accredited training, to guide them through their journey of self-exploration and ongoing training.

For more information, please visit our Seminars section, or our Facebook page.


Feldenkrais Profesional Training Program Barcelona | Obrador de MovimentsBarcelona Accredited Feldenkrais Professional Training programme, a EuroTAB* certified training course.

The programme consists of 800 teaching hours, organised into modules of 8, 15 or 20 days and held over the holiday periods, for 4 years.

The Barcelona Accredited Feldenkrais Professional Training programme is aimed at various professional areas:

Education (teachers, pedagogues, physical education specialists, special needs educators, music teachers, etc.)
· Health (doctors, physical therapists, psychologists, yoga teachers, speech therapists, nurses, etc.)
· The Arts (actors, musicians, dancers, singers, etc.)
· Sports (athletes, personal trainers, etc.)
· Other areas involved with movement and/or learning.

Anyone who is interested in personal growth and improving the quality of their professional and/or personal life is also welcome.

The sessions are as follows:

Christmas · Easter · Summer holidays (August)
A detailed timetable will be provided with the dossier that is currently under development.

You can also visit our Seminars section. We recommend attending a pre-training course before starting the programme.

Thank you for your interest. We hope to see you soon!