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Feldenkrais & Dance Improvisation

‘Exquisite Moves’: Feldenkrais & Dance Improvisation

February 17 & 18, 2024

In this workshop we combine The Feldenkrais Method® and dance explorations to help us find awareness, freedom and new possibilities in our movement range. We will explore the movement potential of our upper body – shoulders, ribs and head –  and are guided to experience our center, our feeling for gravity & ground and our expressive interaction with our environment with greater clarity and curiosity for change

The Feldenkrais Method® was developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984) as a gentle embodied process concerned with self-discovery, well-being and improved function. It uses movement, sensation & reflective experience as organic learning modes.



Thomas Kampe (PhD)

I have worked as a performer, artist, researcher and somatic educator across the globe for 40 years and was Professor of Somatic Performance & Education at Bath Spa University (UK) between 2012 & 2022. I initially trained in visual art and dance, and am a teacher of the Feldenkrais Method® which forms a rich foundation for my teaching, arts practice and research. I am interested in critical somatic arts legacies, and my writings and performance works have been published internationally. I was editor of the Feldenkrais Research Journal Vol. 6 ‘Practices of Freedom: The Feldenkrais Method & Creativity’ in 2019, and recently co-edited JDSP Vol. 13.1 & 2 (2022): ‘Embodying Eco-Consciousness: Somatics, Aesthetic Practice and Social Action’. My chapter ‘Dancing the Soma-Ecstatic: Feldenkrais and the Modernist Body’ was published in 2021.


thomaskampe.wordpress.com  www.thomaskampe.com

Schedule & Rates

  • February 17 & 18, 2024
  • 10am to 4:30pm
  • Fee: 150€


You can book your spot by writing an email to: info@obradordemoviments.com
Limited places.