A time to rediscover and reclaim your body in motion. Our dance for adults experience is open to all ages and levels. We believe in sharing, learning and having a good time, so why don’t you come and try it out?


Dance for adults | Obrador de Moviments

A new “language” that will help them feel free to explore and improvise.  Experimentation, growth and socialization through body movement.


Classical dance for adults | Obrador de Moviments

We integrate classical dance codes and techniques in the constant pursuit of beauty and purity of form by working on the basic foundations – attitude, emotion and movement.


Acrobatic movement for adults | Obrador de Moviments

Movements that defy gravity. Not only an amazing and fun course but also an invaluable asset for children interested in contemporary dance.


Fledenkrais Movement Barcelona | Obrador de Moviments

Relearn how to function by feeling and listening to your body. Observe, be aware and explore your body movements for a more functional life. This set of skills is at everyone’s reach.


Feldenkrais Dance Barcelona | Obrador de Moviments

Rediscover your body pathways with the thrill of leaving your comfort-zone. Move from silence and interior monologue to music and a more intuitive artistic expression.