A time to rediscover and reclaim your body in motion. Our dance for adults experience is open to all ages and levels. We believe in sharing, learning and having a good time, so why don’t you come and try it out?


Taller de dansa | Obrador de Moviments

Monday – 20:30h to 22:00h

Foundations and initiation to contemporary dance for adults. A class to enjoy movement and to experience dance without the need for previous knowledge. 


Estiramientos + Refuerzo Muscular

Monday – 18:30h to 19:30h
Wednesday – 10:00h to 19:30h

Giving time and space to understand how our body connections and patterns work. Somatic, anatomy and muscle reinforcement to address the most recurrent difficulties and increase the awareness of our own body. Ideal both for the dancer’s technical preparation and for our physical well-being and posture health.


Danza Clásica | Obrador de Moviments

Tuesday- 18:45h to 20:15h
Friday – 19:00h to 20:30h*

We integrate classical dance codes and techniques in the constant pursuit of beauty and purity of form by working on the basic foundations – attitude, emotion and movement.


Dance for adults | Obrador de Moviments

Tuesday – 20:30h to 22:00h

A new “language” that will help them feel free to explore and improvise.  Experimentation, growth and socialization through body movement.


Feldenkrais Dance Barcelona | Obrador de Moviments

Wednesday – 19:30h to 21:00h

Rediscover your body pathways with the thrill of leaving your comfort-zone. Move from silence and interior monologue to music and a more intuitive artistic expression.


Dansa 1

Thursday – 18:00h to 19:15h

Introduction to the “language” of classical ballet where basic techniques are a tool for self-expression. A fantastic starting point that will allow children to explore and enjoy their artistic potential.


Fledenkrais Movement Barcelona | Obrador de Moviments

Monday – 20:00h to 21:00h
Tuesday- 10:00h to 11:00h
Wednesday – 16:45h to 17:45h

Relearn how to function by feeling and listening to your body. Observe, be aware and explore your body movements for a more functional life. This set of skills is at everyone’s reach.

*Group to open. Sign up for the waiting list by sending an email to info@obradordemoviments.com