Dance and Creation Workshop with Sara Sanguino and Hervé Costa

Urban Dialogues
Saturday January 21st 2023

This workshop comes from an impulse that emerges from the body. With Urban Dialogues, Sara and Hervé propose an encounter to explore the dynamic and physical reaction that arises when a sensitive body finds itself in a particular context.

Urban landscapes and the corners of the city will be our inspiration to develop synergies and dialogues in which movement, gesture and its poetics will participate. We will create different contexts and situations that move away from the specific to place ourselves in a space of listening, spontaneity and composition; where each dialogue, each form of expression manifests its own resonance, its own echo.

We will alternate the periods of exploration in two different frameworks, the areas of the neighborhood and the room of Obrador, in order to elaborate and put in common all the creative material and make small compositions.

Sara Sanguino & Hervé Costa

Hervé Costa and Sara Sanguino are dancers, choreographers, dance teachers and accredited teachers of the Feldenkrais Method. Currently, they lead together the Obrador de Moviments centre with a clear commitment to somatic techniques applied to the arts of movement and dance in all its forms.

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  • Saturday January 21st 2023
  • From 10h to 17h
  • Price: 70€
  • Price Obrador students: 60€

More information and registration: info@obradordemoviments.com