We have designed special initiation classes for children that focus on body movement and how it relates to space and rhythm.

By stimulating their natural curiosity, we guide children through the discovery of a variety of dance and body movement activities; we help them understand their own value in a personal and social context. Our initiation to body movement classes promote joy, self-affirmation and healthy interpersonal relationships. Classes for young children are scheduled in the early afternoon.


Mon. 17:15h to 18:15h (4 & 5 y/o)
Tue. 17:15h to 18:15h (4 & 5 y/o)

A joyful approach to the development of motor and artistic skills. Through dynamic games, children will discover their body by moving and feeling while interacting with their peers and their environment.


Mon. 17:30h to 18:30h Children 2
Wed. 17:00h to 18:00h Children 1
Fri. 17:30h to 18:45 Children 3

New languages for the expression through movement. Basic elements of contemporary dance, improvisation and the dynamic connections between body, consciousness and space. 


Iniciació Clàssic Nens

Tuesday 17:30h to 18:45h  11/14

Initiation and introduction to the language of classical dance, as a complement to our learning proposal. Basic principles ideal to deepen the global understanding of the body, the precision of gesture, expression and forms.


Obrador is also open during the school holidays. For children from 8 to 12 we offer one-week summer courses. We will guide them through the experience of different disciplines and together we will enjoy creating a highly visual and dynamic performance. More info.

The ages are illustrative. We are guided by the learning process of the student.

*Group to open. Sign up for the waiting list by sending an email to info@obradordemoviments.com